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L’escargot Design Office : The art of communication

Designing isn’t just about making things look good. It also involves communicating messages which can’t be expressed in words.
L’escargot Design Office always considers how it can best help clients to accurately and effectively communicate about their products and services through individually tailored eye-catching designs.

L’escargot Design Office has a flair for creating designs targeted at women and families for cosmetics, health and food. We have also developed a reputation amongst our clients for making difficult content easy to understand.

We can provide bespoke designs and advice, collaborate with other creators, such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators, web directors, and printing companies for all of your business needs. We can also customize design to Japanese style.

Depending upon your requirements, we can provide a full or selective service covering art direction, design, layout and planning,


L'escargot Design Office is a Tokyo-based freelance graphic design service.

  • posters, pamphlets and direct mail

  • events and campaigns

  • packaging

  • magazine layouts

  • shop marketing tools

  • product plans


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